ListingPro WP Theme, Best Way to Build Directory Site with WordPress

It is true what I wrote yesterday, wordpress can be used to make various types of websites. From e-commerce to personal blogs. Even WordPress can be used to build listing sites or directory site.

The listing site is a kind of website that collects data from certain cities and even countries. The data is in the form of information relating to the city such as restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and even homes for sale. Actually not always related to what I mentioned above.

It depends on your creativity as well as the needs of the people around you. For example people need information about bird sellers. You can gather stores that sell pet birds and then combine the information on a website.

The benefits are overwhelming, you can withdraw fees from bird sellers, you can offer the highest position so that the bird sellers can get orders through information from the website.

Then you can also benefit from pet bird seekers. For example, you apply a membership system with a monthly fee. Of course pet bird lovers are willing to spend money to get good pet bird seller information. Collectors always look for pet birds every month. Of course this is a new business opportunity.

Well, wordpress with its sophistication can be transformed into such a site. Of course the role is the use of templates. Therefore, on this occasion I will try to briefly review wordpress listing templates

Introducing, listingPro Wp Theme.  Is a premium WordPress theme that is specifically used to create Website listings. This digital product sells for USD $69 in themeforest. The sales package also offers free updates for life, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. If you can use the features in it, then you can build a site that is very cool.

ListingPro feature

In the listingpro sales package, there are three templates that are ready to use, namely default, restaurant and place. Default can be used to build website listings according to your needs. Restaurant packages can be used to build listing sites that collect restaurant data. Whereas place packages are used to build site listings to collect places. Can also be used to collect tourist attractions

pricing plan

Business owners can signup for FREE or PAID plans to submit their listings and become a member. Site admin can make it mandatory for free members to upgrade (freemium) to a paid plan after the trial.

The advantages of listingpro are equipped with Google Map, so that when visitors are interested in the place object, then they can immediately get a location through Google Map. For the data input process also assisted by Google Map. Listing Pro will retrieve existing place data on a Google Map so that this process will minimize operator errors.

Fill o bot

Introducing Fill-O-Bot! It will helps business owners to submit new listing details auto-magically. Just enter a business name in title, select the right business from drop-down and watch the form getting populated instantly by pulling data from Google maps.

How to use it is very easy, just type the name of the business in the search column, after that listing Pro will retrieve the data that was found earlier and entered into the database. It’s easy and fun.

Dashboard for business

A state-of-the-art User Interface (UI) for the dashboard. Carefully designed to do business with most useful insights from a single pane of glass

Alright, I will review the default version of the Pro listing.

1. Header

listing pro header

In the header section there is a search column that is equipped with the ability to detect the user’s location. The process of detecting the location of this user can be automatically if the user allows tracking through the browser. But if the user doesn’t want his location to be tracked automatically, then you can press the button next to the Search column.

If the site is opened using a Smartphone, GPS access permission is needed. If opened by using a desktop or laptop, then determine the location based on the address of the internet provider.

Then at the bottom there is also a category. You can make various categories according to your needs.

2. Favorite Location

favourite location

ListingPro provides searches based on favorite locations. Actually you can add the locations that are most interested here. Maybe you can choose the most populated location in your area. In the case of pet bird sellers, you can add to this section where they live. Usually they live in the countryside.

It would be very interesting if website users could find the address of a pet bird seller in the countryside.

3. Exclusive Spot

premium listing

In this section you can add exclusive places. If you are good enough, you can offer this spot to clients of course for a fee. The term is premium listings.

4. Add Testimonials


You can add testimonials from premium clients. You can add videos of their success stories here. Or you can also add videos from site users. The point is that what you do here can increase client and user trust.

5. Blog Listing


Listing Pro is also equipped with a blog system. Maybe there are times when you want to write a blog related to your business. Of course this will also increase traffic from search engines. Posts on the blog also function as content marketing. You can write things related to listings.

That’s my review. Hopefully what I have said above can help you to choose a template listing. I recommend ListingPro

  • Responsive
  • Fast loading
  • Clean code
  • Modern and Cool Design

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