CoreUI Admin Template, Powered with Bootstrap and Modern Javascript Framework

Not only is the front end page enhanced, but the back end page or administration page must also have a beautiful appearance. The goal is simple, so that system users feel excited when working. In addition, a beautiful appearance will also reduce boredom and tiredness.

I believe, a good design will bring a good mood too. Because of that, designers are also paid handsomely.

In this edition I want to discuss one of the admin page templates that use bootstrap and one of the JavaScript frameworks. Supports react.js, angular.js and vue.js

Apparently, the three javascript above are the most frequently used by developers. But the most users are vue.js, maybe the reason is easy to use. Even though I am not a vue.js user, but when I read the lines of code the application vue.js seems easy to understand.

In the near future, maybe this week I want to learn vue.js, want to develop coding skills. Because right now I am concentrating on creating web applications.

Okay, so that it won’t be too long for this article to begin. The nameĀ  is the CoreUI admin template. Two choices of versions that you can take. There is a free version, you don’t need to pay a penny but the components in it are limited.

Then the paid version, you will get all the features of CoreUI. More than that, you will also get full support from the developer.

Although there are two choices, if you choose the free version you can still use CoreUI admin template for commercial purposes, for example creating an application for a client, or even selling to the public.

1. Header


The main header can also be a navigation bar. In this section there is a notification menu, search box, company logo or application logo and user photos. What’s interesting is the notification feature. Whatever type of business, for example online retailers always have notifications.

Modifications are useful for informing users of information. With an informative notification design, users will not miss a thing. Late orders will always be monitored due to realtime notifications.

2. Sidebar Main Menu


The main menu remains in the sidebar. You can fill in the menus that are most needed by system users.

3. Chart and Graphic


More importantly, CoreUI is equipped with a chart so you can display information more simply and can be understood in just one look. You can enter data such as the company’s net income, total sales in one month, comparison of sales between the current month and the previous month.

Because this uses javascript framework, moving between pages is smoother and more responsive, even when treated with a small computer.

I recommend this admin template for various web applications.

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coreui template for admin
  • Responsive
  • Fast loading
  • Clean code
  • Modern and intuitive design

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