Bimber WP Theme for Viral Site and Online Magazine

A few years ago, to make a viral site requires experienced designers with very expensive fees. Viral site is indeed a website model that has the potential to bring visitors quickly and widely. Right now, to make a site like that it’s not too difficult because there are wordpress themes that you can use to build a viral site.

Introduce the bimber wp theme. In this first edition, I will review one of the WP themes that can be used to build viral sites. Actually, not only viral sites can be created with this wp theme, but almost all site models can be created.

For example freebies sites, meme sites, aggregator links, viral magazine sites and others. Even you can create an online store using the WP theme bimber because the sales package comes with the ability to handle woocommerce.

You can create online magazines while selling products related to the site’s content. Suppose your site is discussing youth fashion, then you can search for products related to the fashion and sell it to readers of the site. Simple idea but can make money.

Okay, right away, I will discuss one by one part of the bimber wp theme.

1. Header Section

header section

In the header section, you can insert a website logo. Then on the side of the logo there is a category of posts that are viral. Then at the bottom of the logo is the main or main navigation menu. This navigation is specifically designed so that it can display Mega menus, or you can display content previews in these categories. Preview content can attract visitors to read more. The requirement is to use an interesting picture.

Another plus of this header section is that you can customize it in full, like setting the layout back to suit your needs. To set the layout, you can go to the WordPress customizer section. Of course after you log into the WordPress dashboard.

2. Featured Content on Bimber WP Theme

featured content

Then in the next section is featured content. This section will display the best content from your site. It can also display the latest content that has just been released, depending on how you will manage it. For the layout, it’s not always exactly like the picture above. You can set it to your liking on the WordPress customizer section. There are many layouts that you are ready to use without having to touch the code.

3. Main Content

main content

Finally we arrive at the main part of your site. Herein lies the main content. Actually there are lots of layouts that you can use, but in this demo the main content is presented in Grid without being accompanied by a short text. If you want a short text after an image, you can set it in the WordPress customizer section.

In playing content you can also insert your ad or product. Visitors can see the ad clearly and most likely will be attracted to the ad because it is integrated with the content.

4. Subscribe Email and Social Media

subscribe email and social media

After website visitors are interested in your content, the next section is to offer them to register an email or take part in social media. This is very important to build a brand and credibility. Bimber WP theme supports Mailchimp, one of the most flexible email newsletter providers. They offer free packages with a maximum number of 2000 subscribers.

Then there are also social media icons that you can set up so they want to follow

5. Footer

footer design

In the footer section there are four columns that you can fill with various kinds of content such as photos from your Instagram, videos from YouTube, short stories about your site or pages that are useful for visitors. Everything can be changed according to your needs. Even the background color can also be adjusted to the color of the brand you are building.

That is my review, this is the first article that will start more writing in the following days. Hopefully I am passionate about continuing to write and review website designs from around the world.

If you are interested in using the bimber WP theme, then you can get it through the envato marketplace. This WP theme sells for 59 dollars, with no additional fees and you have the right to get a free update for life. For the record, the wp theme is very often released the latest updates. So, there is no harm in buying a Wp theme.

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